The international coverage adapted to your profile and your budget

MAM ASSUR, in collaboration with our global partners, is able to offer you a variety of health insurance  ( international insurance, international health insurance and international volunteer insurance, Travel insurance, life insurance.. ).

Options that will cover you in multiple countries while you travel abroad to live, work or visit whatever the duration of and reason for your trip. When you leave the social care system of your home country and you have to face high health care costs it is essential to choose an international health insurance adapted to your profile and your budget.

So whatever your age, expatriate health insurance can help you deal with unforeseen health expenses at the dentist, doctor or hospital.

Our team at MAM ASSUR is available to advise you and discuss health coverage tailored to your destination and according to your needs.


We provide specific insurance solutions for travelling or staying outside your country of nationality.

MY TRAVEL COVER, is the for workers holidaymakers, travelers, globetrotters, or short-term expats all around the world (including France). You are staying abroad or in France for 1 year or less than 1 year on a trip, you do a short stay or a working holiday program this cover is made for you.

– You can renew the cover even after it ends.
– This cover meets the requirements for obtaining the visa.
– Our advisers can be reached 24/7, by phone, email, Messenger

Are you going on holiday or going to live abroad? Always think about the basics that is your health coverage. Travel Insurance Schengen Travel insurance. International Group Insurance. International Health Insurance. Internationl Medical Student Insurance. Short term, working holidays insurance International Volunteer Insurance.

Whatever your profile or destination, good health insurance is essential. Accidents or health problems are always a possibility and the cost of healthcare varies greatly from country to country. MyTravel Cover is the insurance solution to suit your needs and circumstances and help you avoid any nasty surprises!
MY HEALTH INTERNATIONAL OFFER, is made for anyone wishing to emigrate for more than 1 year, regardless of the country of destination!
– This solution offers you complete coverage with fully modular guarantees.
– You are cover as long as you want.
– This cover meets the requirements for obtaining the visa.
– Our advisers can be reached 24/7, by phone, email, Messenger.